I am glad you decided to take some time to read more about me. :)

My name is Maria Cândida, but some people call me Mry (Mary). I was born on 3rd March 1995, thus being 20 years old. I am Brazilian, but I have lived a few years in Norway, which made me trilingual (I am able to speak Portuguese, English and Norwegian). Currently, I live in a city called Curitiba, in the state of Paraná, and I study Organizational Communication at the Federal University of Technology PR.

I am not really a fan of anything besides Doctor Who, but I do have a huge interest for everything dark, macabre and somehow occult, as well as emotive. Writing is my passion and I love expressing myself through metaphors, although you won't see much of my writings here because that's not the purpose of this blog.

When it comes to music, I am insanely eclectic and I have no problems with starting a day listening to a Burzum record and finish it dancing to Lady Gaga. I don't have an all time favourite band, because my favourite songs change pretty much every week.

My wardrobe is predominantly monochromatic: I usually wear black, white or gray, with a few exceptions like band t-shirts and other "fandom" related stuff. I love putting some make up on, but I don't usually do that, so my skills are quite limited.

I reveal who I am a little bit more every post, so if you really want to get to know me, I believe that's where you're going to find the relevant stuff. <3